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So the question is pretty simple, basically I'm wondering if any move tutor from ORAS will work on X/Y. And how about Dazling gleam for Delphox?

My first guess would be that you can't but it's better to know for sure.
Thanks in advance =)



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All move tutor moves in ORAS are programmed into X&Y, so they will be usable (with the exception of Dragon's Ascent). As long as the Pokemon move in question was coded into X&Y game, it will usable in X&Y. So Delphox's Dazzling Gleam shouldn't be a problem.

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Ah, that was my initial thought. But then I became rather unsure about it
Now I'll just "bug" my friend who has Alpha Sapphire for some new moves xD
I've yet to pick up ORAS ^^

Anyway thanks Mew, much appreciated