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In the games and anime, no, that is not one of the functions of the PokeDex. Its sole purpose is to give data and info on each Pokemon. However, in the well known Pokemon manga "Pokemon Adventures", the PokeDex is able to stop evolution. The manga isn't official though, it's just an adaptation of the games.

>The Pokédex's function takes over much of the control the games give to the player, being able to prevent a Pokémon's evolution, whereas Trainers without a Pokédex have no choice in the matter. - Bulbapedia

I think he's referring to the manga....... he's my classmate, and all he has is the manga
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No, I don't know where you got that from.

However, if you want to stop a Pokemon from evolving you can just press the B button while the Pokemon is in the evolution process, or you can give the Pokemon an Everstone if your Pokemon evolves through level-up.

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Why should you stop your pkmn from elvolving?