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I made this deck and it runs quite well, although I feel that it could be thinned out a tad, I don't really feel that I need the Fan-Club I just forgot that I hadn't removed it, so just assume it's another Lysandre or a PalPad, Etc.
I'm running a 3-2-3 line of Machamp as you can see in this deck. I do plan as using it to attack with as I'm running energy switch, If anyone could give me a run down on lines in general I would appreciate it, I've always just gone by the trial and error method. But yeah, I made this deck in roughly 5 minutes. I really don't think it needs the Fan Club with such a heavy line, so just ignore that and assume its something else such as a Pal-Pad.

My Appologies on the Image being so Large, Unfortunately it would not be visible other-wise. If you would like I could just type out the list and edit it now or just make a future note of it.

Machamp\Landorus EX\Lucario EX

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Personally, I like to run no Machokes. Instead I run 4 Machops & 3 Machamps + 4 Rare Candies. Korrina basically means you can find Machamp and your Rare Candy in one go and evolve to a stage 2 right away, but that's a personal preference. The problem with that is if Trevanent is in play, you can't use your Rare Candies.

I also think Professor's Letter is really helpful for any deck, but especially yours because you only have 12 energy. As for your Ace Spec, I recommend Scramble Switch over Dowsing Machine, so you can switch Pokemon & multiple energy in the same go (again since your deck is on the low side for energy). Also your deck might run into some trouble with Pyroar and Latias EX.

I agree with running Palpad, simply because most fighting decks are reliant on Korrina.

You might also want to run Sacred Ash because of Juniper, and I would recommend having another Juniper over N, just because N is based on your prize cards. Consider Skyla as well, since she gets you your stadium & supporter cards that Korrina can't.