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When I try to connect to the internet, a message comes up saying "Error Code 002-0120 In order to use online services, a newer version of this software is required. Download the newest version of this software from Nintendo eShop or other supported software." And I can't find the update on the eShop. What do I do?

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Its under updates in the e-shop

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Here's how you find the update:

  1. Open eShop
  2. Select the Search Bar (Top-right corner)
  3. Type in "Pokémon Y" or "Pokémon X" (whichever game you have, and make note that the e has to have an acute)
  4. Search for it and you should see the update alongside pre-realease videos on the game.

Hope I helped!

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Thank you so much both of you, I had a shiny Gengar code, and I couldn't redeem it because of this, thank you!
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You need to download version 1.3

It is available in the eShop, if you look up "Pokémon" in the search box at the top the updates should come up, there are specific ones for both X and Y, so download the correct one.

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