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Let's say that Gengar (with PokéRus) holding Exp.Share is battling a Weedle (1 Speed EV). Does it gain 1x2 (Weedle x PokéRus) or 1x2x2 (Weedle x Pokérus x 2*).

*x2 because of Exp.Share


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First of all, no. It will not work that way. It will be 1x2 normally. If you add a Power Anklet however, you will get the EV Points you want. EXP Share is only used in EV training when you want to EV train 2 Pokemon at the same time. You can get a Power.Anklet in the Battle Frontier.

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It is Weedle x Pokerus.. so 1x2
I meant like Gegnar is both the active Pokémon and Exp.Share holder
Nope, it won't work that way..
Ok, thanks