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Let's say I catch a shroomish in the demo on the secret island place thing, will I be able to use it in that mission and then the others, or will I even be able to catch it?


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You don't get any Pokeballs.

So no, you can't.
You get some Poke and Heal Balls as a reward for finishing the game for the 3rd and 6th times, but those dont go to your bag, you can only transfer them to the full ORAS games.

PS. You do catch Glalie/Steelix, but that's a part of the "story" of the demo.

Source - played the demo.

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Wow, I though you could use the pokeballs from Steven to catch the Glalie, thanks.
Yeah, the demo was a bit dissapointing in that you could only use 4 Pokemon to battle the same trainers over and over and over.