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In the manga, in the Sevii Islands arc, Team Rocket Beast Carr mentions that Psycho Boost has a power of 140, using his Pokedex. Orm also makes references to the levels of Yellow's Pokemon. Between chapters, the main characters' teams are detailed with levels as well.

What I would like to know is, are there any mentions of the behind-the-scenes stuff like base power, levels, etc. in the anime or the game? (In the games, only overworld counts. Not like in the Pokemon screen or anything.)

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I have an example from the anime.

This is form the first season in the episode The School of Hard Knocks. In it the level Pidgey evolves and learns some of its moves are stated.

Specifically, this episode states that Pidgey evolves at level 18, it learns Whirlwind at level 21, and Wing Attack at level 31.

Note: Those levels were accurate in Gen I, even if they are wrong now,

Source: I remembered the episode and went back and watched the relevant part.

I don't recall other instances like this off the top of my head, but there might be more.

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That's... pretty cool.  Thanks.
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I believe so.
In Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, gym leader Wattson mentions something about after the battle, if you beat him, that your Pokemon's speed stat increases with the badge. That wording might sound a little weird.

The specific text is ""With this Dynamo Badge, Pokémon can use Rock Smash out of battle. And, it will make your Pokémon a little bit faster, too. Hmm... You should take this, too!"

However, he does not refer specifically to the stat.  I'm looking for stuff like what Carr says, where he refers to the power of a move (Psycho Boost)  as a numerical value.
I found the reference to the move power... Psycho Boost, with 140.  References are also made to PP and Pressure's influence on PP usage on the previous page.