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I have Aya with a 65% Ranked Froslass and she has still not transformed into Aya Rank II. I am currently doing Legend of Ransai and have all kingdoms except for Spectra.

Pardon my impatience, but can someone answer this?
Sorry, I haven't played conquest I don't know what your talking about.
I don't know much about Conquest, but I do know that some Warlords require others to be in the same Nation as them to transform, but Aya doesn't have such a requirement, so it must be a glitch, which is unlikely.
I'll answer this i know a lot about conquest

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You can only evolve the main character during the Legend of Ransai story. otherwise you've met the requirements but sadly you'll have to re-level the froslass again.

I know this doesn't say anything about that, but it should still help in the future.
Warlord Evolutions