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I completed "Not Worth Fighting Over... 1 & 2" and now I'm on three. Problem is, I'm weaker than everyone else from the beginning and I can't win any battles. When I skip the month after battling or failing in battle, the enemy's power increase infinity-fold. Any tips?

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What I did was instead of using skorupi, I recruited Masanori in a different story then I let him recruit a sandile, which is his perfect link Pokemon, and trained him up there and made the sandile evolve. That way when you started his episode you have a either a Krookodile or a Krokorok. If you have ieyasu's episode you can find him there in the wild. Its a random chance so good luck.

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Ah, the hardest of the not worth fighting overs. you could do what pokewatt said ( which is really good) or you could overwhelm oichi on the first month, then use the experience boost and extra warriors to beat the others.

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