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Has anyone even heard of this title?
I just recently found out about it, and it somewhat got me intrigued.
I've got FE:A and SMT:IV (the last one really bored me and I've yet to finish it to this day) and was wondering if the game is somehow relatable to the two.
If you guys did play it, could you explain the gameplay?
Is it an RPG like game? Is it in real time or turn based?
How much does it resemble a 'mon game?
How long is it?
Does it have any replayability or is it a "play and drop" experience?
And most importantly, is it worth my hard earned money more than another game? (such as MH4U, that game is going to be the end of me, I know it already)
Thanks for the help guys!

I personally found it boring :|
I played it and yeah... You're better off with Mystery Dungeon or one of the Main Series Games.
It was fun at first, but gets boring pretty soon xD I guess it all depends how much you like strategy games.

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Pokémon Conquest is a strategy game set in the Ransei region. You play as a Warlord of the Primus Kingdom, one of the 17 Kingdoms in the Ransei region. You are charged with the task of battling against a wide variety of powerful opponents, including the mighty Nobunaga, whose goal is to destroy the Ransei region!

The 17 Kingdoms of the Ransei region possess a variety of Armies competing for control. The 17 Kingdoms are also deeply linked to a specific Pokémon type. Primus Kingdom, for example, has a strong connection with Normal-type Pokémon!
The main story line you have to take control over all 17 kingdoms only using at most 6 warriors while recruiting warriors to join your army you travel to set areas either level 1, 2, or 3giving you different options on either facing wild Pokemon or roaming warriors increasing your energy, or mining for gold. There are 2 types of warriors there are warriors which you can recruite by beating them in different areas inside kingdoms or in the battles of kingdoms. The second is Warlords which are basically the same only have higher stats better abilities and have a slightly more advance way at recruitment. Now to get more Pokemon you have to "link" with them there are 5 levels of link. 0 which is you can not link with them. Nothing which is a small link percentage. Bronze which is I believe 50s or lower. Silver are mostly 60s or higher up to 70 and gold which is above 80-100 percent the more percent the stronger they can become.
Depending on how you play it it can be short or long for first time playing adjusting to the new arenas and rules because unlike regular Pokemon this has a turn limit if you fail to take the enemy down in that turn limit you lose and the enemy gains link percentage making the next time even harder.
After you beat the main gameyou get the option to play EVERY warlords wn kind of mission even Nobunaga until you unlock your second mission where every warlord is rank 2 final evolution and much more difficult also every place is level 3.
This is your own option to buy it personal I loved conquest I still play it today its slightly different then the everyday Pokemon game.
If you want more info just let me know

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