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Yesterday I was cleaning my garage, and found my old package of cards.
Unfortunately, the ones I had as a kid got lost, but the new ones are still there
(remember the original Holo Charizard card, the one where it's roaring at you? Good times) so, since I don't want them to rot away, I rather sell them.
But I'll like to do it to for the right price.


Is there a legitimate and trustworthy site where I can find how much a specific card is worth?
(possibly in €, but it's not really necessary)

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probably ebay

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Ebay is pretty good when selling things, however you may end up selling them for less than they're worth, unless you have some old/ rare cards that some collector really wants.

Amazon tend to sell things at the price that they usually appear in shops, so in my opinion you will get a fairer price for your cards

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Try checking out Ebay, some of the really old cards can be worth quite a bit of money, unfortunately I too lost my old ones, but Ebay is a good starting spot, lots of cards on there rare and common you can search for to get an average price.

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Amazon and Ebay :)