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It's been bugging me for ages.

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No it is not correct. When someone says “it”, they refer to a person or thing who’s gender is unknown. The Trading Card Game cannot possibly “mean” anything.
"No it is not correct."
You just used "it" and didn't refer to a person or thing with an unknown gender. Also, sentences and phrases can have meanings, and TCG cards have sentences and phrases on them, so, no, the TCG cannot mean anything, but the sentences in it can.
When I said “it”, I was referring to LeafyBlade’s question, which is a thing of an unspecified gender.
And the TCG is also something of an unspecified gender, therefore, it is an it.
Yeah, it is called the TCG; the only time anyone really says PTCG is when they Talk about the PTCGO specifically...

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Any move, ability, card, etc, that says "draw a card/draw x cards" allows you to draw the top 1/x cards of your deck (respectively), like any other card game.

However, if it says draw a prize card, you draw one card from your 6 prize cards [these are set up at the start of the match] (the only other time this would happen would be if you knock a Pokemon out). :P

Edit: Either way, the drawn cards go into your hand. You can only use the cards in your hand so this is useful.

Sources: Rulebook (Also guidebook; may take a while to load), Experience

Hope I helped!

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So where do you move those drawed cards to?
thx (filler)
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In the TCG, drawing a card means to draw a card from your hand and put it to the bench or the front. But there is
also another type of deck for prize cards.

Source: This and Knowledge

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What? *Downvotes* There is only 1 Deck in the TCG (I should know this). Please explain what your talking about by "two decks"; do you mean prize cards? If so, that is still wrong. :/

Sorry if this sounds mean at all :P
I upvoted to cancel out your downvote NebbyY. I'm sorry for stealing your db showdown account. Also I know how horrible it feels to get downvoted. Look at my gligurr post lol.
So where here do you move the drawex cards to?
I must have misunderstood TCG. Let me edit it.
Eh, close enough. But just to note, when you move a card from your hand to the field, you are "playing" that card. You do need to draw said card beforehand though :P
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