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The title is really self explanatory. I am doing a Pokémon Shield Surpriselocké, and I was recently traded a Dreepy. I was excited, but after researching it, I dunno if it is worth it. Will a Psuedo-Legendary, it doesn’t evolve until Lv. 50, and it will be terribly weak until then. And, I would be fine with that, but this is a Surpriselocké, so if it were to die, which it definitely will do if I brought it out later game, then I wouldn’t have a Dreepy at all. So, it will basically just be taking up a slot of my party, and even when it evolves, it still will be weak, as it is only in it’s second stage. So, any help here?


Here for my current team.


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No, it really isn't. Dreepy is an awful Pokemon, practically deadweight until it evolves. It isn't that great as a Drakloak either, and only Dragapult truly shines. The thing is, you get Dragapult at Level 60, meaning it's way better competitively than in-game. Use another Ghost type, like Golurk if you can.

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Wow, fast. And yeah, I see your point. None of the Pokémon in my boxes are any good, or to over leveled for my Lv. Cap. So I will see if I get anything good in the future. Thanks!