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Ah, Feraligator he has always been reliable for me and worked I try to use him in all my teams he has worked for me all day in game, but as we all know In-game is not competitive.

So I've worked out some things and decided that I should try him out now that he has a new hidden ability I'd like to show you what I've concocted :

Feraligator Item Life Orb
EVS 252 ATK 160 SPE 94 DEF 4SpDEF
Jolly Nature



Ice punch


I'm open to suggestions except if someone says don't use him because he's in UU this is for VG doubles and someone on this site is taking on to the worlds so don't say no because of that reason.

EDIT: I'm building this team around feraligator and Megazard X

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What about the rest of your team ?
Ooh, VGC? Leave this to me!
I have a shiny lvl100 feraligator with the exact same moveset

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So you'r Feraligatr's for VGC, huh? Then we'll be ditching one move for Protect, unless you want a Choice Band set, which isn't very good on him. Here's the gator's most common moveset.
Croczilla (Feraligatr)@ Life Orb
Adamant | Sheer Force
252 Atk / 252 HP / 4 Def
- Waterfall
- Ice Punch
- Protect
- Crunch / Rock Slide / Earthquake / Superpower

Protect guards against spread moves and the infamous double-target, and is a staple in VGC doubles. The final moveset depends on your playstyle and what your team needs.

But your question was, is Feraligatr worth it?

Feraligatr faces stiff compertition from other physically offensive Water-types and Life Orb sweepers.
Azumarill gets Belly Drum and Fairy coverage, plus it has a nice Choice Band or Assault Vest set.
Gyarados M-Gyarados
Gyarados, while seeing less usage, pulls off physical offense better with Dragon Dance.
Feraligatr's usually better than this guy, but he still packs a heckuva punch in Trick Room with Adaptability Knock Off, the strongest in the game.

So, is Feraligatr worth it?

I think that he's hard to slap on a team, since his niches are usually filled by others easier. However, he's not obsolete and can be a complete bulldozer with the right team support.

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