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I chose chikorita as my starter, and I have seen cyndaquil from red, but I can't find totodile.

It's Silver, not Red

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Have you reached that place in Pewter City yet?
You can challenge a random opponent there who will have a Typhlosion, Meganium and Feraligator.

Edit:Sorry its not Pewter City but Viridian City is where the trainer is located, but you still need to get to Pewter City first.

Other than what Unreconizable said, Trade with a Friend that chose Totodile and then trade back (if he wants) then you got him in your pokédex. If you want to keep one then trade globally over wi-fi (if you have it) just make sure he is in ur pokedex or it wont work because if you search him on seek modeyou will never find it.

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pika you didnt have to make a whole new answer just comment it
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Yes, Your Rival can have Totodile if you Chose Cyndaquil.

Or you could trade for one on GTS.

Or you could battle someone in Viridian City with Feraligatr, Meganium, and Typhlosion.

Hope this helps! XD

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but he doesn't have it on his pokedex so it wont work a friend must trade it to him first
two of your three ideas are wrong he already said he chose chickarita so he cant choose cyndaquill and like pika said he must see a totodile first to trade for one. The third thing you just copied from me