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So I was breeding for a shiny Totodile in Pokémon Crystal VC. I got him, so I put him in to my PC boxes and transferred him up through the Poketransporter and Bank along with some other Totodiles I thought I should keep because they have Sheer Force. But every single one, including the shiny, have Timid. Is this just (bad) luck, or is there a reason?

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Natures didn’t exist during Gen 1 and 2, so Transporter assigns natures to VC Pokemon based on their EXP. This can be manipulated by waiting until the Pokemon has a certain amount of EXP before transferring to Bank.


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In Generation II, Pokemon do not have Natures. However, if you're playing the VC version and transfer the Pokemon, you can determine their nature based on their current EXP. modulo 25.

(The modulo operation is just taking the EXP. of the Pokemon, then finding the remainder when dividing by 25.)


I assume your Totodile are all the same level. If so, then their natures are apparently correct.

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