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So for the US, if The Eon Ticket hasn't been given to people to get it circulating around the Street Pass, when will it, or has there not been any information around thins topic?


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>If you want an Eon Ticket—the item in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire that will allow you to catch Latias and Latios, respectively— be sure to turn on the StreetPass function in your system in the Nintendo 3DS family and in the BuzzNav in your game. That’s because the only way you can get the Eon Ticket right now is if it’s passed to you by someone who already has it! Once you have the Eon Ticket, you can revisit Southern Island in your game, where you can then catch the Legendary Pokémon that you would not otherwise have a chance to catch!

>Some lucky Trainers will be the original Eon Ticket holders, who will kick off sharing the Eon Ticket with others in their area. In the United States, Play! Pokémon League Leaders will be given codes to distribute to participants at nearly a thousand Pokémon League locations. And if you happen to be in New York City, stop by the Nintendo World Store to get an Eon Ticket until January, 14, 2015.

>So keep your StreetPass on and hang out with other Pokémon Trainers to get your own Eon Ticket! We recommend that you spend time at Pokémon events such as tournaments to improve your chances of getting it. Good luck!

>*Please note that the Eon Ticket will not be available until November 26, 2014.


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