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Bulbapedia says that it is possible to get an Eon Ticket if you meet someone on the PSS who has one, even if it is online. Other websites say that it is only local. Which is true? If you can get it through online, can someone add me as a friend so I can get one?


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BlockquoteThe Eon Ticket can be received via StreetPass from another player who obtained it via StreetPass. As such, it can still be obtained via StreetPass. Since StreetPass data is exchanged with other people met via the PSS, including via the internet, it can also be obtained by connecting to the internet via the PSS, and can currently be obtained this way.


It can only be received through Street pass and/or via an online friend in the PSS

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Thanks! Now I just have to find someone who has an Eon Ticket.
Good luck
I don't have Eon ticket anymore