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In Alpha Sapphire :D

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Apparently to serebii, it's somewhere in Sootopolis city, not sure of the exact location

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SableniteThe Sablenite is located in Sootopolis City.

Here are steps to its exact location:

  • In Sootopolis City, head down the steps directly opposite the Pokemon Center.
  • Surf on the body of water to the left.
  • Surf left until you reach the piece of land with the Pokemon Gym.
  • Keep going left to the next body of water and Surf across that too.
  • Head up the steps at the top.
  • Go straight down the path on the right.
  • Continue up the steps and gop the first steps to the left.
  • Continue straight, turn left and then go down two flights of steps.
  • Keep heading south, then cross a bridge to the right.
  • Keep heading right.
  • Once you reach a wall go down, and the Sablenite should be in the far left corner


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