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So for my in-game team for OR I wanted to try out Mega Sableye as my defensive Poké. I came up with an EV spread, but I'm unsure whether to invest more in HP.

[email protected] Sableyeite
Trait: Prankster >> Magic Bounce
Nature: Impish
EVs: 252 SpD, 100 HP, 156 Atk
- Substitute
- Recover
- Shadow Sneak/Knock Off
- Confuse Ray

I don't know whether to invest more in HP and take some Attack EVs, or to keep the standard set. Once I'm finished the story I'll be using this Sableye for WiFi Battles as well, which is why I wonder if I should include Shadow Sneak or Knock Off. I was leaning towards Shadow Sneak due to my team's Ghost weakness and the move is not resisted by Fairies, unlike Knock Off. Thanks for your feedback!

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there's no need to ev train in-game tbh
But like I said, this Sableye will also be used competitively, so I want it to have usable EVs. And I like being able to trump friends XD
Oh sorry didn't read that haha.

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My answer

I would say swap HP and attack EVs

Why? Only 1 attacking move (go for Knock Off) and Sableye is meant to be defensive. Also try to invest in Sp.def to make it bulkier.
EDIT: Saw that fairy weakness to go for Shadow Sneak unless you got that covered already.
Hope I helped!
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