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It has come to me that it is a hard decision to either pick recover,will-o-wisp mega sableye or Cosmic power moonblast Clefable.

any help appreciated !

i also dont have a team set up yet
If you don't have a mega then I'd say Mega Sableye as Magic Bounce is LUDICROUSLY nice to have!

Also Sableye can work without a mega too so when a pokemon comes to ail Sableye BOOM! You Mega it and poison or whirlwind out the pokemon that was supposed to whirlwind YOU out!

Clefable can't bounce a whirlwind without sacrificing a valuable move slot.



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Hm,A recover,Will-o-wisp sableye would be best. For these reasons.
The ability Magic bounce could do awesome for your team.
You could troll with recover.
All in all Sableye has awesome defense/SpDefense
So there.
Hope I helped!

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Mega sableye, since it has Magic Bounce. BAAM! When the opponent uses Whirlwind, it bounces back!!!