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Which should I use in competitive battles?
Please tell the weaknesses and good stuff bout each of em thank you!

depends on the rest of your team. Sableye is one of those Pokemon whom you can play mindgames with, telling your opponent it isn't mega when it turns out to be.
mega Sableye, as you still carry through the ability on the turn you mega-evolve

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Both. Best to use prankster calm mind and willowisp stuff then mega and tank hits

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Before anyone says "Don't use both focus on one!" Don't do that with mega sableye. Prankster beforehand is usefull as priority Willos and cms and recovers are amazing for it.
^ Mega Sableye keeps Prankster priority on turn one anyways. I usually WoW on the first turn while activating Sableye's stellar defences.
uhm what? If the Mega Stone Acts first, doesn't it cancel the other ability if the ability changes?

With Mega Alakazam, I think Trace activates immediately, you don't just keep Magic Guard for one turn. This is why I've always set up WoW with Sableye first, and then I set up Calm Minds.

Or does Trace just have some special status?
Mega Evolutions keep anything speed-related of their base form on turn one, i.e. Mega Metagross keeps his base 80 speed stat on turn one, then on turn two it shoots up to 110.

Prankster is speed-related, since it gives priority, and therefore stays on Mega Sableye for turn one. I'm not sure if he gets both Prankster and Magic Bounce as I have not tested it yet.

Source: Experience and I asked a question about it. http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/226291/mega-sableye-retaining-prankster