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Hello! So I'm trying to build a Tank/Sweeper Sableye here,So I just need a dark type move,Should I pick Knock off or Foul Play for sableye?


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I'd say Knock Off. It's important to remove opponent's item(s) to cripple them.

Generally, Sableye has Will-o-Wisp, so opponent attack is halved, meaning Foul Play damage is also halved. In another case, if a Special Sweeper appears, they will mostly have low attack so again, Foul Play is not helpful.

Of course, this is more the general meta (online) games.

In X/Y ingame (based on your tags) either is fine, to be honest, but I suggest Foul Play, because most ingame opponents lack an item. This reduces Knock Off's power by a margin, so Foul Play is generally better.

tl;dr: Knock Off for Online, Foul Play for in-game.

Edit where edit's due: (Damn I love this, I'm using this everywhere)

Foul Play damage is not halved by opponent Burn.

Guess you DO learn something everyday. Too bad I had to make a mistake that involved answering someone else, I feel bad T-T

That said, answer isn't changing, because it's still moderately correct :/

Thanks a bunch, sumwun (and JarJar too) :D

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Foul play ignores the target's burn. http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Foul_Play_(move)
Thank you for the help Rex!
sumwun is right, and Foul Play is a perfectly viable choice, since it does a ton of damage to mons with high attack.
omg this is so embarrassing :(

My bad D:

I guess the answer doesn't change, though, but still..