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I have found that they are both pretty neat Prankster Pokemon. I have a Klefki and she is pretty much a staple on any of my online teams. I may switch some Pokemon out to test new ones and see if other Pokemon perform more effectively, but I NEVER switch out my Aegislash OR my Klefki. One time my Klefki took out halve of my opponent's team before fainting!
During my multitude of battles I see people using Sableye, and some use Klefki, and they both perform very well.

So getting on with this, can you guys and gals list the pros and cons of both Sableye and Klefki?


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Well, even though they're both Prankster Pokemon, they serve different purposes.

Sableye can serve as:

  1. a spin blocker (but this is not as important because of Defog's new battle properties)
  2. stall with priority Recover
  3. relatively safe switch in to most threats because of its immunities
  4. counters to physical sweepers with Will-O-Wisp
  5. the anti-set up with Taunt
  6. either fixed damage dealer with Night Shade or
  7. getting rid of items with Knock Off

Klekfi can serve as:

  1. priority Spiker
  2. Foul Play Parahax attacker (like Liepard)
  3. priority Dual Screener
  4. learns Torment and T-wave so it can mess up stat boost spammers
  5. stall with priority Rest + Recycle set, holding Lum Berry
  6. and it has half-decent stats (better than Sableye's anyway)

People thought that Sableye would go down in usage because of its new gained Fairy weakness, but to be honest I find it serves its role just as well, especially with new Mega-evolutions on the scene, notably Kangaskhan.

So really it depends on what your team needs. If you already have a spiker/ hazard setter, then go with Sableye to act as a spin blocker. Sableye actually makes a very nice scout with priority Substitute. If you need a good steel type on your team, Klefki makes a nice addition.

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these are some pros and cons:


  • can learn taunt which crushes your opponents strategies
  • no weakness
  • learns foul play which means you can invest EVs in hp, you can also teach it swagger which becomes a great combo
  • fake out!
  • good staller because of confuse ray and recover and other things.
    you can invest EVs in sp.def because of will´o
  • confuse ray is a great move


  • not able to learn thunder wave
    can't learn u-turn. nor volt switch


  • a good setter of spikes
  • can do the parrafuison and swagger play combo= awesome
  • learns light screen and reflect
  • above average defense and sp.def, so it can probably take at least
    some hits
  • guess crafty shield is cool enough


  • little bit weak to taunt
  • poor hp
  • weak to common ground and fire
  • can't learn volt switch or u-turn

personal choice: klefki. these were only some few pros an cons. I'm sure there are many more

Sableye is weak to fairy dude of bananas