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I want to get both foul play and knock off on my Mandibuzz. Methinks it will be complicated. Can someone go through the steps on how to get both moves on a single Vullaby?


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The first thing you need to do to get both Foul Play and Knock Off on a baby Vullaby is to first catch a male Murkrow and a male Farfetch'd

  • Murkrow can be caught at route 15 and 16 through hordes. It learns
    Foul Play at level 45 but that shouldn't take too long
  • Farfetch'd can be caught at route 22 or in a Friend Safari. It learns Knock Off at level 13.

  1. First breed a Vullaby with the Murkrow with Foul Play. Because both Murkrow and Vullaby are in the same egg group, the Vullaby eggs will have Foul Play.

  2. Now you must breed a Vullaby egg that now has Foul Play with the male Knock Off Farfetch'd.
    The eggs that they will produce will have both Foul Play and Knock Off.

After that you can start using the Knock Off+Foul Play Vullaby for IV breeding to make a more perfect Vullaby. However you must always remember to check that the Vullaby hasn't forgotten both foul play and knock off due to levelling in the Day-Care because once taken out and missing the moves, you will have to relearn them in order for it to still produce Foul Play+Knock Off eggs.

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Seems good enough, but there's something I don't understand. I thought offspring could only learn egg moves from the male. I thought that if I got a Vullaby with foul play and bred with male farfetched, the offspring would then only have knock off as an egg move and not foul play, but I guess I'm wrong.
There are new mechanics in XY in which both the male, as well as the females are capable of passing down egg moves.
Oh, cool.