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Before I buy the game, I want to know if the Pokemon ranger is useless because I have to get at in the Pokemon event for special missions for Pokemon ranger and Pokemon ranger shadow of alminia?

I do not understand this question at all.

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The missions for shadow of Almia are no longer available because to obtain them you need wifi and the wifi has been shut down for that game for a while.

For Pokemon Ranger you can still get the manaphy egg By following these steps
1. Start Pokemon Ranger
2. Complete all missions and ranger net will unlocke on the title screen
3. Hold R, X, And left on the D pad the option enter password will appear
4. Enter this password P8M2-9D6F-43H7
5. Do the mission Recover the precious egg
6. After completing the mission Check the egg will replace enter password
7. Once ready start either Diamond or Pearl with a second ds and go to main menu
8. In Ranger, Tap check the egg And tap the screen Afterwards tap Send the message And place 2 Ds across From each other
9. In diamond or pearl a new message Should come up From here follow instructions
Thats all to it and if it doesn't work the event is done hope I helped.

What can you get shadow Almenia at Amzon?
Can you still use Wi-Fi at Macdonlds?
Wifi is shut down for shadows of almia so no you can't get anything anymore
This should be a comment.
In pokemon ranger, Do I need to hatch manphy or just transfer to the egg in pokemon diamond?
You transfer it to diamond or pearl then hatch