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i really want to fill out my pokedex, but I cant find a gible.


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"The Blocks you can place, listed by set:
Plains - White Flower, Red Flower, Shrubbery (Ni!)
Forest - Tree, Stump, Branches
Peak - Small Rock, Large Rock, Mossy Rock
Water - Puddle, Fountain, Watering Hole

Every 10 days, one of the block sets you've placed in the active areas will increase in multiplier value (such as from x3 to x4). The individual sets will upgrade every 40 days.

To get 63 Peak, place 21 Peak Blocks and wait 70 Days or 16 Blocks and 120 Days. Since the Wetland Area must be active for a total of 70 Days after obtaining the National Dex for Shelgon to appear, Switch the Wetland in, place 21 Peak Blocks in the Wetland, and wait 70 days for both the Multiplier and the Timeframe.

To get 49 Plains and 49 Peak, place 13 of each block in the Rocky Beach Area and wait 120 Days. Since it takes at least 100 Days for Gible to appear anyway, you'll be fine with waiting.

You CANNOT change the clock or calendar to cheat the numbers. The game has a secret counter that tallies the actual number of days passed."

As stated by Kraleck in this forum