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I have pokemon SS (its basically the same as HG so if you have HG you can still help me)
In the city with all the orange houses by the water, there is (to the right) a "construction site". There is an old man and some machops running around the site. The old man says he needs $ to finish the construction. Can you help him? I kinda feel bad for him and i want to help him if it's possible D:
Thanks for your help everybody! (:

..Honestly, he could just smash the rocks and sell the items inside them and he would have enough money, haha..

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I bet everyone wishes the same thing that your thinking, but sorry there is no way you can help him finish or help him on his construction site. Maybe in the future in may be possible to actually help him. (HOPE THIS HELPS!) :)

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Thank you, Firetyperuler1. I really wish that I could help him though. I guess I'll just have to watch him do nothing for as long as I have this game xD