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I can get to the Nameless Cavern, and I caught Mesprit and Uxie already, but for some reason when I interact with the ring, no battle starts. I know you have to wait 12 hours in between catching them, but it still isn't showing up. Any help would be appreciated!

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They should bring the spoilers tag back o3o

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I've had the same problem as well (but with Uxie), but for some reason my problem was fixed when I added Mesprit and Azelf into my team. If this doesn't work for you, then the inevitable choice is to wait more.

P.S. If you altered your time, then clock-based events such as this may be temporarily disabled.

Hope this helped!

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Thank you! I waited a bit longer and added Uxie and Mesprit to my team and then it worked. Thanks for the help!