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I'm trying to catch Uxie and Azelf but they wont appear in the Nameless Cavern. I'm checking at the time they should be there, but they're still not there. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? I've already caught Mesprit. I don't think it's a problem with the happiness because I'm using the same Pokemon I used to encounter Mesprit. If it's a problem with the clock, I had changed my clock a few days ago (after I caught Mesprit) for another reason not having to do with catching Pokemon. I keep hearing that they'll reappear after 24 Hours, but they wont. I've beat the Elite 4 again, but no luck. Can someone help me, It's getting a bit frustrating. Thanks!


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You only waited 24 hours, time based events come back on 48 hours after the time was changed.

If you have already waited 48 hours there are a few other reasons of why Uxie and Azelf aren't appearing.

  • It hasn't been quite 48 hours. I once had this problem, I woke up and thought "Yay! I can finally catch time based Pokemon! I started up my game and still, nope. A few hours later it started working again.

  • You are not looking for Uxie and Azelf at the right times. You may think it's the time based events that stopped, but it might be you just aren't looking at the right times.

  • It's a glitch. This is unlikely but if one of those isn't the answer and you have searched for a while, it might be a glitch.

Hope I helped!