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Just thought I'd pre-emptively get this question on here :) (Note: possible spoilers ahead)

OK so I went into a cave on the cliffs just below the Sangi Ranch. Professor Juniper was there. Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie appeared then left the cave. Juniper said a bunch of stuff (since this is the Japanese version I didn't understand it of course).

Where did they go? Are they roaming Unova now? (God I hope not)

Is this a rom? can you link me to it? :D
All I know is that Uxie is outside the Nacrene Museum.
You should of put the tag 'spoiler' under your question. Im playing the game and this just ruins part of my fun ;(
When you head to the Victory Road, instead of going up the stairs, you go to a tree and use cut, then use strength on a boulder and there's a landing, and you'll find Azelf
I found Mesprit, I found it by accidentally, go to the top of Celestial tower off of Mistralton City
i want to know the same thing all i know is azelf on route 23.
I've never understood how this kind of thing ruins peoples' game experience.
Sorry if I'm being insensitive, but that's my opinion

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>(Japanese: 心の空洞 Heart Cave) is a cavern located on Route 20. After beating the Champion, Professor Juniper can be found inside. If she is spoken to, Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf will appear and then scatter across the Unova region. It is described as being connected to Sinnoh.

Source: Bulbapedia

They scatter to different places in Unova and stay there until caught.

Azelf - Route 23

Mesprit - Celestial Tower

Uxie - Nacrene City

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Okay...but what does "scatter across the Unova region" mean? Are they roaming and appear in random places? Did they each go to specific places?
Ok. Edited.
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You can find them on 1) Victory road way left using Cut, Strength, and Surf.

                             2) Nacrene city in front of the old gym/museum
                             3) At the top of Celestial tower but be aware there will be about 3-4 trainers towards the base of each set of stairs who you HAVE to beat.
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