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My Super Secret Base is in the desert (Route 111, requires the Mach Bike to get to it, and it kinda looks like a T) and I've collected 37 flags and I can only fit 25 decorations within my Base.
Is there a possibl way to get more space to put more decorations, or is 25 the set limit for each base and it cannot be surpassed? (In other words, I won't be able to increase the amount of decorations I can put in my Base)

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I feel the same way. I'm trying to have all the dolls in mine but i can't have more than 25 decorations either :(

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Unfortunately, it is set to 25. You should be able to place some in your bedroom. You have to use only 25 of your favorites.

Hope I helped

P. S don't hack, it will mess up your game :(

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But i have more than 25 favorites .o. XD
Have 25 in your base, the rest in you room.
Wait, you can have base items in your room?
Think so