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I know that this questions sounds a little generic but hear me out. Of all the people I know on this site, most of them have Omega Ruby. Everyone says it's so great. I even told a friend of mine that I was getting Alpha Sapphire, and he told me that it was a bad decision. What's so special about Omega Ruby? I know it has version exclusions, but what else makes it different and "better" than Alpha Sapphire?

Palkia + Reshiram. R.I.P every Pokemon game, everything is in ORAS now :(
Still gonna buy it :P
Usually, people tend to get the first game in the series, like Diamond, rather than Pearl. But im still not sure about this...
I went for omega Ruby because groudon's ability gets rid of a 4x weakness instead of a resistance like kyogre.

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That's just seems to be something specific to this site that you have found. Personally, being on tumblr and Youtube, I have found that the majority of people opted for Alpha Sapphire. Marriland and Pimpnite both did Alpha Sapphire tutorials, rather than Omega Ruby; Kynimdraws & Protocol00 both played Alpha Sapphire..

Also there are version exclusive Pokemon, not least the cover legendaries, that might have influenced people's choices, e.g. Mawile is exclusive to OR and Sableye is exclusive to AS.

So in conclusion, it's really just coincidence.

Damn it! Really wanted Mega-Sab for a test team!
don't forget that solrock is exclusive to or and lunatone is exclusive to as
Most importantly Lotad is exclusive to AS, and the Lotad line is by far the best designed and most important line of pokemon in the entire series.
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It is possible that people think that groudons ability is better because it disables a x4 weakness AND kyogres signature move so then primal groudon can still hit primal kyogre with precipice blades and not be able to be hit by origin pulse AND precipice blades is 120 dmg and 85 accuracy and origin pulse has a power of 110 and 85 accuracy. there is also a possibility that they just like Maxie being evil and Groudon more then kyogre (but I hated it when my game glitched out and groudon was in the water lawl)

hope I helped :DDDDDDDD