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Does a Pokemon with the opposite gender from the trainer gain happiness or friendship faster?


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The happiness of a Pokemon is not affected by the gender of a trainer. It can be affected in several ways, such as battling, fainting, or trading the Pokemon.
Note: Here is a popular belief of friendship:

  • Putting a Pokemon in the box lowers friendship. This is false; after all, you can only carry 6 Pokemon in your team...

You can read all about it here:

Just to clarify: Happiness and friendship is the same thing.
I'll probably add more information later; hope this helped!

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Huh... well, if I remember correctly, when I looked at Lucario's pokedex entry on here, it said Riolu evolved by friendship, then with Chansey,  it said it evolved by happiness on here.... isn't that odd?
Yup, Pokemon can also evolve by happiness!
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Really short answer.

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