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So beside new Mega Evolution, Primal Reversion, Pikachu Cosplay, what are the new features in this game? I heard that there is some kind of "soaring"?

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Yes, there is the soaring feature- later on in the game, you get the Eon Flute, and you can use it to call Latios/Latias and soar around Hoenn, and find a bunch of legendary Pokemon.

Not only that, but you can now tilt the circlepad forward slightly to 'sneak'.. sometimes, when you're passing by, bits of a hidden Pokemon will be sticking out of the tall grass, and can be snuck up on to be fought. These 'hidden' Pokemon will often have egg moves or hidden abilities, and are usually higher level.

You also get a nifty little map on your bottom screen, where you can see what trainers want to rematch you, where you've planted and if they're ready or not, and where people's secret bases are (oh yeah secret bases are new too((kindof)))

You also get a little app on your bottom screen called BuzzNav, where you get little tidbits of news about what you, and other trainers you've passed by, are doing. It's quite nice, is you ask me.

I'm probably forgetting a couple things, but I think that's about it. Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are both amazing games, and if you haven't already, I suggest you get them.

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This page has all you need.

^ This is a link. Go under the "New Features" tab and explore! :D

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