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Is this normal in Alpha sapphire?

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Spoiler Alert!!! (Contains info about the Pokemon delta episode).

I was recently playing the delta episode of Pokemon Alpha sapphire and I was trying to catch Deoxys. However, my Pokemon kept knocking it out (due to critical hits), forcing me to restart the process of catching both Rayquaza and Deoxys (since the game will not let me save between the battles). So I had to restart about four times and every time I tried to catch Rayquaza, all I had to do was get it into red health or put it to sleep (with green health) and use an ultra ball to catch it. (I also recall catching it in a PokéBall with green health the first time I caught it.) But according to every Pokemon Rayquaza page, its catch rate is 3 (0.4% with PokéBall, full HP), which is really low. I am wondering if I was just super lucky or if the catch rate for the Rayquaza in the delta episode has a higher catch rate then normal.

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you are lucky
This exact same thing happened to me. I had to reset for times and catch Rayquazza, battle Zinnia and then try and catch Deoxys. And it also happened to me that I caught him with full hp in an ultra ball! We must have super luck :D

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This is just pure luck. Even though Rayquaza's catch rate is 3 with full health, it can still be caught like that, although there is a very slim chance. You are VERY lucky though, as you said, there is only a 0.4% chance to catch it with full HP.

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Actually, for everyone I've heard from, everyone caught Rayquaza with fair ease. One friend caught it with a Dusk Ball, full health, another used an ultra ball, low health. Personally, I got it with a quick ball full health. I think that since you can't save between Rayquaza and Deoxys, they made it easier to catch Rayquaza.

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According to, Rayquaza's catch rate what changed in ORAS to 45. This is why it is so easy to capture.

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