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I`m trying to get the Charizardite Y and Heatran... Lol

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Route 120

Scorched Slab is an incredibly small cave located in the water Route 120. This cave has been expanded upon since the originals and now has several floors. At the bottom, Heatran can be found.

Scorched Slab


Heathran is located in B3F.

Charizardite Y

Found in B2F, in the bottom left hand corner, after Primal Groudon/Kyogre narrative

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Only after groudon/kyogre
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The Scorched Slab is under the bridge on route 120, this is the same bridge where Steven gives you the Devon Scope. Come down the stairs in front of the first patch of tall grass you see when coming onto route 120 leading out of Fortree City, once down the stairs you must surf under the bridge to enter the Scorched Slab.

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Sorry, it`s just that Leaf`s answer had more details and answered first, but Thanks! Now I know how to get another legendary!