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I'm trying to evolve a Feebas in Pokémon ORAS, and need pokeblocks. Problem is I don't have any berries for that. Can I have a little help?

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The only berries that help Feebas evolve are Ganlon, Apicot, Pamtre, Chesto, Wiki, Razz, Kelpsy, Hondew, Tamato, Cornn, and Spelon.
Iran is a country, not a Pokemon berry. If you mean an Oran berry, they're quite easy to find.
Thanks HT, your corrections an efforts are applauded.

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Here are the berries that can help Feebas evolve:
-Oran Berry
-Chesto Berry
-Lum Berry
-Bluk Berry
-Wepear Berry
-Wiki Berry
-Kelpsy Berry
-Hondew Berry
-Cornn Berry

Btw, Feebas can only have blue, or indigo berries to max its beauty

Locations of berries
Oran- Route 102, 104, 123
Chesto-Route 103, 104, 116
Lum- Route 123
Bluk- Route 114, 115
Weaper- Route 115, 120, 114
Wiki- Route 123
Kelpsy- Route 123
Hondew- Route 123
Cornn- Route 123

Hope this helped you :)
Source: Bulbapedia