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I finally got my togepi from my friend to evolve into a togetic. I just beat the third gym and my togetic is level 34. it still never listens. this really ticks me off because it is starting to become pretty useless without it listening. so when do the gym badges actually make the things listen to youy?


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After each gym leader you gain a badge, this badge will allow Pokemon 10 levels higher than the previous gym leaders badge to listen to you.

So if you beat the 3rd gym leader then Pokemon level 40 and under should listen to you.

Because before the first gym leader it is 10 and under
Before the Second gym leader is 20 and under
Before the Third is 30 and under
Before the Fourth is 40 and under

So it should listen to you now, have you done any battles after you beat the gym leader?

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i got the third gym badge but she never said anything about pokemon listening to you
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1st Gym- Pokemon to level 20

2nd Gym- Pokemon to level 30

3rd Gym- Pokemon to level 40

4th Gym- Pokemon to level 50

5th Gym- Pokemon to level 60

6th Gym- Pokemon to level 70

7th Gym- Pokemon to level 80

8th Gym- All Pokemon will obey you

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I know that this post is two years old and that muffster already passed(hopefully by now) that roadblock with their Togetic but according to Bulbapedia and my recent playthrough Platinum, the best answer is wrong. In Bulbapedia it states that, "In Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum only, obedience is determined by the number of Badges, not which specific Badges the player has."

From the chart these are the Badges by obedience level: (Note! For D/P/PL only)
Up to Lv. 10 - No Badges
Up to Lv. 30 - 2 Badges
Up to Lv. 50 - 4 Badges
Up to Lv. 70 - 6 Badges
All Pokémon: 8 Badges

In my current playthrough of Platinum, I have only three badges and my traded Gengar won't obey since its Lv. 32. It won't start obeying until I receive my fourth badge. The same goes with muffster's Togetic.