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I just caught a shiny espurr, I would like to know what stats should I ev train since its nature is lonely

I was thinking hp (since the stat dude in kilude city said hp is the best stat) and something else. Help me out, and a good move set will be?
Male btw
ill prob answer this later
Okay :)
oh yeah what is the ability?

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Because your Espurr is a male, it would evolve into Meowstic Male. It has more support moves than attacking moves, so I would suggest a support moveset for it. For the stats, you could put max in HP and Speed.
Here is a sample set:
[email protected] Clay/Leftovers

Ability: Keen Eyes (suggested: Prankster/Infiltrator)
EVs: 252 HP/252 Speed/4 Def or Sp.Def
~Light Screen
~Thunder Wave

You can breed Meowstic to get different offspring with a different ability; you might be able to get Infiltrator. This will help you alot. You can find its breeding group here and click the Egg Groups (it is Field).

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Yess, thank you very much :)
glad it helped :D
Sadly I caught a shiny with keen eyes :(
oh keen eyes is k
Prankster/Infilitrator are just preferred
I guess it might be able to do okay; im not sure
Psyshock could be considered as an alternative to Psychic, if you feel that you have trouble against Defensive 'mons.