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I just got a new one and I don't know what to EV train it in (or Super-Train it in).


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You can pick from a few sets; offensive, bulky and defensive.

Since it isn't in competitive I won't really suggest the defensive set but if you really want it just put 252 in Hp, 252 in Def and 4 in Sp.Def or Spe.

I would suggest(since this isn't competitive Pokemon) you just put it all into Sp.Atk and Speed and the rest in Hp(252 Sp.Atk/252 Spe/4Hp)

Again, since this isn't competitive I won't go into any complex spreads and just suggest you 252 in Hp, 252 in Sp.Atk and 4 in any other stat you want.

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Hope I helped.