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this is the first time this has ever happened to me. so why she ignoring my orders

note - now my mr mime is not obeying orders as well

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What level is it? Is it an In-game traded Pokémon (meaning that it is not traded from another console/game)?
yes i got in and ingame trade and its level is 31 and it only ignored my orders for one battle but in that battle it always ignored my orders

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It depends on how many gyms you have. You see Pokemon have something called 'obedience'. Its basically so that you don't use high level Pokemon in your early game. So if you want a high level Pokemon to obey you, you have to defeat more gyms with low level Pokemon (basically Pokemon that obey you). I've shared the link for the charts, check them to know where you are and how many more gyms you needs for it to obey you.


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thank you and i havent got the rainbow badge yet
Your welcome :D
Maybe try adding a screenshot of the Firered obedience chart from Bulbapedia, or listing the obedience level cap for each badge, since not all users here can access Bulbapedia due to reasons.

Not to mention the fact that a link is NOT an answer if what you're linking to can easily be included in the answer.