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I was just wondering what Pokemon has overall better stats and move pool: Nidoking or Nidoqueen? I think Nidoqueen is a special attacker whilst Nidoking is a physical attacker. I might be wrong. Please go in depth - don't just say "Nidoking is better."

MightyMudkip :)

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Here's the comparison:


>1. A good defensive Pokemon
2. Has a good defensive typing
3. Poison type gives it an edge against many fairy behemoths
4. Has access to support moves like Toxic Spikes, Roar etc.

>1. Weakness to many commone types like water, ground and ice.
2. Outclassed as a wall
3. Not overall great defenses
4. Limited coverage as an attacker


>1. Has a boon in the ability Sheer Force, which turns it into a fearsome attacker
2. Does not suffer Life Orb recoil
3. Poison typing helping it against many fairies
4. Solid offensice movepool
5. Completely viable running a special set

Mostly the same as Nidoqueen and also the fact that it gets very little advantage from it's low special attack stat.

My Opinion

Nidoking is superior.
This is because it is more concentrated into side, that is offense. While Nidoqueen is a good wall, it is outclassed by many Pokemon like Weezing, that do it's job much better.

Hope I helped!

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Whenever I run Nidoking it's always a special set. I don't like the physical one.
Thanks! :) I just got a Japanese Nidoking level 69 from the GTS. I want rid of it though because it has a lot of HMs and I wanted it to be on my competitive team so I can't teach it the moves it wants. Thanks again! :)
No problem :)