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If a Nidoking battled a Nidoqueen, who would win?

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Either of them could.

There is no way to tell which Pokémon would win, it depends on the choices the player makes.
If this is for in-game, the player's Pokémon will most likely win, as they are almost always of higher level, letting them tank hits and hit hard.
If you are talking about the anime, then as I said, either of them could.

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I'm not sexist but Nidoqueen doesn't stand much chance

theoretically wild Nidoking beats wild Nidoqueen due to Mega-Horns superiority to Superpower, and better offensive stats allowing him to boast a more dangerous Earth-power(super effective against both of them).Even in a trainer battle Nidoking's faster stab Earthquake is almost a guaranteed 1HKO.

Why would megahorn even be relevant here when it's not very effective against both of them?
Also, they both resist Fighting-type moves, aka Superpower.
I included mega-horn and superpower because they are respectively the last moves Nidoking and Nidoqueen learn and I said wild,wild pokemon choose the moves they use at random instead of picking based on their opponent
The question said nothing about a wild Pokemon though. I wouldn't think it makes sense to answer under that assumption.
thats correct but the question didn't say it was a trainer battle either so i just explained both