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I am ev-taraining my dewott and archen for attack but I kind of lost count. What would happen if I over-train my Pokemon. Will all the extra evs be wasted and I will not be able to ev train them for speed? I hope not! Please help and mention where I could check whether the evs are max or not.


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You can only get 255 in one stat, so it's no big deal if you over train. For example, if you faint 261 attack EVs worth of Lillipups and Patrats, it only counts for 255 and the other 255 won't be wasted. Hope I helped :) Source: Experience.

P.S. If you would give me the stats, IVs and level of the Pokemon you are training, I can figure out their EVs using a simulator for you.

You can figure out the IVs Here.

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Archen: 79/92/40/53/37/74 lvl 33
Dewott: 77/58/42/49/42/53 lvl 27
I can not calculate the ivs as the calculater asks for evs too and says impossible.
Forgot could u give natures too? sorry bout this
Both have a Jolly nature
are you sure those stats aren't possible
I tried it too....didn't work
Archens Maximum IVs for those stats(If we assume the EVs are as liw as possible.:
HP 0
Atk 31+44EVs
Def 18
Satk 27
Sdef 7
Spe 31
Archens Maximum EVs for those stats (If we assume all stats have 0 IVs) (the inaccuracy is due to Archens low level) :
HP 0
Atk 160-168
Def 68-76
Satk 68-96
Sdef 28-36
Spe 204-212
These stars are completely viable according to my calculations.
I derped. Sorry :|
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When you call Bianca she will tell on what "effort"(EV) your Pokemon has worked the most. To check your IV go to the battle subway and talk to the first ace trainer you see. He will determine your Pokemon's IV with: above average, decent, relatively superior and Outstanding. Don't worry about over training your attack can't. You can't get over it, after a while it will just stop increasing, then you can just start training another stat.

Hope this helped

Another thing. When she says "it has worked really hard hasn't it?", then she says "it has worked especially hard on its attack", so does that mean I have maxed that stat?