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Say if it went below half and Defeatist activated.
If it had a Sitrus Berry or something else gave it's Wish to it would it's stats return to normal again?


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Defeatist, the signature ability of archen and archeops, lowers the attack and special attack Stat when the Pokémon hp is at or below half. As long as its hp is less than half, the defeatist ability will be active. Therefore, any recovery items or moves will remove the effect of the ability, much like how if a Pokémon with multiscale takes damage then recovers its health, the ability will be primed to activate again. Hope this helped.

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Thanks a lot :)
But.. "As long as its hp is more than half, the defeatist ability will be active"
Is this a mistake or am I reading it wrong. I got the answer from the rest of it though
I think he means "less than half".
Yeah I think so too