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This question is quite similar to my Regigigas question before. Since Archeops' ability is Defeatist it is currently in the PU tier (like Regigigas because Slow Start). I actually wonder what tier Archeops would rise to (if it even did) if it had the option to have a normal common ability such as Pressure or Inner Focus or something. For those who forgot the tiers, here is the list of them:

-NeverUsed (NU)
-RarelyUsed (RU)
-UnderUsed (UU)
-OverUsed (OU)

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The answer is OU.

With a Speed of 110 and a Attack of 140 followed by a Sp. Atk of 112, It wouldn't be bulky or a tank, but it's difficult to get through this thing. It would usually out-speed everyone and knock them out with their 140 Atk. But the only thing blocking this thing from being viable is it's ability. But were going to pretend it has an ability it doesn't. Why not let's give him Pressure? This thing can work as a Focus Sash lead with stalling out with PP Pressure, or it can work as an Offensive Life Orb user with the ability to OHKO everything.

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