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The answer should look a little bit like my question with Regigigas before. Let's say it needed the Jade Orb instead of having the move Dragon Ascent, or something like a "Rayquazanite". Would Rayquaza still be stuck in Anything Goes, or would he be brought back to Ubers, because now it cannot Mega Evolve with a held item.

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I'm pretty sure it would still be broken in Ubers because it almost outclasses all other mega evolutions. Its combination of dragon dance and delta stream would probably let it threaten the entire tier even if it was required to hold an item.

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It is hard to say but while it would lose an item slot, it would still be broken overpowered even without a life orb or a different item with its incredible 180 in both attacking stats and its brilliant ability. I would assume it would be a hard decision for them to make but I would assume that it would continue to stay in AG as it is just that powerful and even one ddance will allow it to sweep teams easily unless they have a hard balanced counter to deal with it so yeah it would most likely stay AG.

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Wow that took a while to answer. Thanks for answering!