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I read on Serebii that Mega Rayquaza doesn't need a Mega Stone to Mega Evolve.

>Rayquaza does not require a Mega Stone to Mega Evolve.
>Rayquaza needs to know the move Dragon Asecent to Mega Evolve.

So in that case, can I give Mega Rayquaza an item such as a Life Orb or Choice Scarf to hold.

Yes. Banded Rayquaza hurts.
Yep! It can.
If it can manage to set up a Swords Dance, Life Orb Extreme Speed GG.
No Z-Crystals, though.

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Yes. Screw any kind of Ubers 2 this thing is Mega Beedrill Tier or something. At this moment it's basically a RBY Mewtwo.

Hope I helped!

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Damn :O Rayquaza's just moved up in my favourite Pokémon list!