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Is there an article or something where they told us why they made Mega Rayquaza even more powerful than Arceus, the god Pokemon? I mean it doesn't make much sense.

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They care more about base Gameplay, story and lore than balance or continuity. In lore, Arceus is God and beyond powerful compared to MRay. But not in stats, battles or anything else.
Because it would be appealing to kids who don't care how easy the game then becomes. Honestly, I don't see why they add legendaries if they're banned from most competitions.
I think the bigger question is what on Pokearth possessed them to give Megas to Legies....

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Mega Rayquaza was a Pokemon meant to serve as an 'epic conclusion' to the tale of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. This is one possible reason.

But really, we can't tell. Only Game Freak can truly answer your question.

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